Sally Knyvette and Shiatsu

Since regular Shiatsu treatment and Pilates classes, she has again been able to enjoy skiing holidays and generally feels fitter than she has for a long time. Indeed, many people find that it helps them feel good, to de-stress and to cope with the every-day demands of life and work.

Sally says “I tried Shiatsu many years ago then rediscovered it a few years later. I was going through a tricky time with family illness and personal pressures… both my parents contracted Alzheimer’s disease. My brother was very ill with cancer. A friend recommended that I see Dave Home, her Shiatsu practitioner.”

Sally adds “Fortnightly Shiatsu treatments with Dave have helped in every way. We often don’t realise the effect that stress has upon our bodies. Shiatsu helps me balance both my physical and emotional wellbeing.

“I believe we can often have a certain amount of physical tension that we’re not aware of. Shiatsu offers a way of relieving this stress – and it never fails to make me feel better. My Shiatsu hour is very precious to me and I’ll definitely be keeping it up.”

The Shiatsu Society (UK) is working hard to ensure that people use qualified practitioners to get the most benefit from Shiatsu. This includes collaborating with Dr Hilary Jones, who explains “I am delighted to be associated with the Shiatsu Society as I’ve had Shiatsu myself. I believe that modern medicine and complementary therapies can often work together to achieve the best results for patients. Shiatsu Society practitioners are all fully qualified with a minimum of 3 years training. Using a practitioner from the Shiatsu Society (UK) assures you of professional, expert attention.”

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