Taiji Qi Gong

This form of qigong, also known as shibashi, is a series of 18 flowing stretching exercises that unify the mind, body and breath for a truly relaxing and therapeutic experience.  The exercises encourage the smooth and harmonious circulation of qi and blood around the body which enhances general well being.

I am passionate about sharing this style of qigong as a tool for managing stress and promoting good mental and physical well being.  In addition to running classes in the community I have also introduced it to various mental health charities and a residential home for the elderly. 

 Drop-in classes starting 18 January 2019

Fridays 10am at Barnabas Arts House

New Ruperra Street Newport NP20 2BB

£5/£3 conc per class

“A calm and peaceful moment in life.  Helps my breathing and stills my overactive mind” JE, Newport