“I had been feeling tired,worn out and without any ‘get up and go!’ for months and I was at a loss after going to my GP and seeing no improvement.  About to resign myself to the fact it must be an age thing when a friend suggested acupuncture.  Not my thing but hey I was desperate!  I found Carmela – best Google search I ever did!!  I feel sooo much better – not only have I got my zing back! Carmela has treated my weak wrists (I had those for 15 years) hay fever, trapped nerve and PMT! Just shows how we put up with ailments when we really don’t need to.  Thank you Carmela – you are a life changer!!” ST, Usk

“I suffer with an illness called Meniere’s Disease that effects balance and causes vertigo and sickness.  I have had this disease for about 20 years and there is no cure!  I tend to have an attack every 9 to 12 months.  But at the beginning of this year, due to a lot of personal stress in my life, I had attack after attack and that’s when I got in touch with Carmela. From the first time I met this lady she made me feel relaxed and comfortable.  I started having acupuncture to help me with the Meniere’s Disease but it also helped to take the stress and anxiety away that brings on the attacks. I have been attack free now for 6 months and a lot of this is all down to Carmela.  I would definitely recommend her  and I will carry on with  acupuncture from time to time.”  CM, Blackwood

“I suffer from bouts of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) which tend to flare up during stressful times. This can lead to disturbed sleep patterns which in turn further aggravates my IBS.  After about four, focused acupuncture sessions with Carmela I noticed I was sleeping much better, with my IBS back under control and my body balanced sufficient enough to start healing itself.  I would strongly recommend a visit to discuss what alternative treatments Carmela can offer.”  GJ, Newport

“I have been having treatment from Carmela for several years.  After suffering with chronic fatigue (ME) and restless legs she has treated me and i have found relief through acupuncture and shiatsu massage.  Carmela has a very caring and calming approach to clients’ needs and I always say that she has given me my life back.  I would highly recommend her.”  JE, Newport

“Carmela is a highly skilled Shiatsu practitioner who works in a gentle, confident and intuitive way. She is welcoming and attentive. During my sessions with her I experienced wonderful relaxation of mind and body and considerable relief from the physical pain that had been causing me problems. I would be very happy to recommend her to others.”  AT, Abergavenny

“I have been going to Carmela for many years for acupuncture – I find it a really effective de-stresser.  Carmela is very professional and very caring, and I can thoroughly recommend her”.   LM, Newport